People are living longer, more fulfilled lives by continuing to stay active long into their silver years. Playing sports over the age of 50 increases your overall health and sense of well-being. According to AARP, people who exercise regularly have a reduced chance of heart disease, diabetes and mental illness. Certain sports are now becoming favorites among older athletes.

Most men would prefer to maintain strength and robustness as they age. There are many ways to maintain a high level of health and energy through the years, but disease, surgery, and Father Time sometimes gang up and make men feel as if their best years are behind them. Still, you don't have to take frailty lying down. Here's how to be strong despite your age.

One of the major contributors to impaired mental function as we age is reduced blood flow to the brain. Not surprisingly, natural approaches designed to improve blood flow to the brain show significant promise in the prevention and treatment of mild cognitive impairment. A study conducted by Harvard researchers back in 2013 shows that drinking hot cocoa should definitely be added to this list.

Mexican food can include high amounts of saturated fat from cheese and refried beans as well as trans fat from the lard used to make beans and tortillas. However, if you choose nutritious alternatives, Mexican food has the potential to benefit your health. Knowing what foods provide these benefits will help you make the most nutritious choice the next time you head to a Mexican restaurant.

You might already know that you should limit your saturated fat intake to no more than 10 percent of your total daily calories. Why? Because it raises your cholesterol and is bad for your heart. So, if you're eating 2,000 calories a day, that's 22 grams of saturated fat. Here are some easy—and delicious—ways to slash saturated fat and incorporate more "good" unsaturated fats into your diet.

If you're already a neat freak, and finding new things to clean is fun for you, you should definitely check out this list of the most often overlooked places that need cleaning in your house. Or maybe you wish you were a neat freak, and a few extra tips could really benefit your progress. Either way, here are some spots that are definitely icky in your home.

Candy is not just for kids anymore. While some candies may be chock-full of sugar and artificial flavors, there are healthier options out there for seniors. Seniors love candy because it is good for satisfying a sweet tooth and can be incorporated into any part of their day. Whatever their reason, seniors love candy and can include it, in moderation, as part of a healthy lifestyle. The following ingredients found in candies can provide various benefits to the health of a senior.