We are entering the hot and humid summer. As we age, we must be careful because our bodies no longer have the same reserve they once did, especially when we mix heat, humidity and exercise.

We know that the body has a wonderful ability to regulate temperature. In fact, if our temperature varies much from 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, we know something is wrong. Our cardiovascular system and sweat glands keep our temperature remarkably normal, even when it is hot and humid. If heat from the environment -- combined with heat generated by physical activity -- exceed our capacity to cool off by sweating, heat accumulates in the body. The result is a progression of increasingly menacing heat illnesses, which becomes more dangerous as we age because we lose our cardiovascular capacity to eliminate heat.

The Medical University of South Carolina explains symptoms to look for and tips to avoid the problems with heat and humidity. Visit  http://www.muschealth.org/healthy-aging/heat-humidity/index.html for the complete article.