The holidays can be a magical time of year, but they’re even more so when the grandkids are involved! Whether you get to spend every holiday with your grandchildren or wait your turn among family obligations, you want to make sure that every moment you spend with your grandkids this season is special.

Will you be babysitting grandchildren a lot during their Christmas break? Are you looking for ways to have fun on a limited budget? Will great-grandma and great-grandpa be around too? Here are some ways to incorporate all that and more!

The holidays are cheerful, but they can also be a busy time of year for many, with crowded schedules, shopping and stress. That doesn’t mean you have to lose the giving spirit! The best gifts often aren’t material ones. Small acts of kindness that show you’re thinking of someone can mean more—and cost less—than a physical item.

Some people are born with a propensity toward organization. The rest of us are not. If the thought of an organized office, pristine closets and a pretty pantry do not motivate you, how about a merrier Christmas? HGTV asked top organizers to share their tips for adding more joy to the holiday season.

For many seniors, when it comes time to retiring, settling down and enjoying their golden years, there is no better place to do so than in a welcoming and inviting small town. Communities with less than 10,000 residents are often able to provide seniors with the low-key lifestyle they want when they are entering into this phase of their lives, while still ensuring they get the care they want and need.

Got cabin fever? You're not alone. Being stuck indoors all winter will make anyone antsy. Instead of going stir crazy when you can't go out sledding, try these fun things to do with kids in winter.

Life is filled with good days, but life can also be a bumpy road. Very rarely does everything go along without a hiccup or two for long. Most of the bumps you encounter in life are of smaller variety, but many small bumps can seem somewhat significant at the time. There are productive ways to cope with the smaller, more commonplace challenges on the road of life that can help make them easier to face and move beyond.