The exterior of your home says a lot about your personal style, which is why it's vital to learn the nine wonderful ways to make your yard aesthetically pleasing. By creating a wondrous yard design, you avail yourself with a tranquil oasis where you can collect your thoughts and relax.

Get ready to have some fun this summer! There's something for every grandparent and grandchild on this list of oh-so-simple summer activities.

Art isn’t always in the eye of beholder when it comes to spotting something of value. When Linda Magnusson, ASA PP; Antiques & Decorative Art of the Magnusson Group in Morristown, New Jersey, showed up for a consultation with a client, it was her keen eye that spotted a forgotten painting hidden behind a piano. “Ironically, it was the painting that my client didn’t like and had forgotten about that turned out to be the most valuable,” Magnusson notes. Her client ended up with a six-figure payout! Here are some great art books that might help you spot a masterpiece.

When you watch golf on television and see all those young guys playing, you might be tempted to think that you’re just too old to learn. Don’t listen to that voice in your head! You’re never too old to learn to play golf. As long as you can swing a club, then you’re able not only to learn the game, but also to get good enough at it to have some fun out there.

The U.S.’s Baby Boom generation has an uneasy relationship with technology. On one hand, the generation, which was born post-World War II, is the fastest growing segment of technology consumers. On the other hand, the technology being marketed to them is in some ways much different than that marketed to their children and grandchildren. This trend is necessary, as technology will help assist those caring for them, such as nurses, doctors, and caregivers, who are decreasing in numbers but increasing in demand.

Everyone needs a break from the real world - a chance to kick back, relax and step away from the stressors in life. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or funds to get away, making mandatory vacations seem completely out of reach. Although you can't leave your home, that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't wind down and take some time to enjoy yourself. Why not try a staycation? Essentially, a staycation is a stay-at-home-vacation, according to Forbes contributor Steve Odland.

Multigenerational travel is a huge trend for the foreseeable future. Now, more than ever, families realize the value of meaningful time together in a setting that offers a wealth of quality activities. The key? Planning for larger family groups requires attention to features and facets that make a property well suited for multiple ages.