Grandparents with stroller

Teenagers have such a reputation for being difficult that even grandparents may be inclined to give them a little extra room. Ironically, however, teenagers need family relationships just as much as those little tots and may even have a special need for relationships with their grandparents.


Volunteering is rewarding. It makes you feel that you are accomplishing something, that you are giving back, and that you are helping people. Volunteering also gives you the opportunity to meet people, make new friends and get out of the house. You can volunteer a day or two a week or in some cases even a few hours a day. Of course, some seniors volunteer every day and many volunteer weeks or even months at a time. Perhaps you are interested in volunteering for a charity or non-profit, but don't know where to start. This article may help.

Grandparents with stroller

Tips for bonding with your new grandchild

One of the new trends in parenting is what some call a "babymoon," similar to a honeymoon but a time of intense bonding between parents and newborn. Often grandparents aren't welcome during the babymoon, which can be excruciating for those grandparents who are also eager to bond with their grandchild. But loving grandparents will find a way to bond with baby, in spite of obstacles.