Spring is in full force with flowers blooming, erratic weather patterns offering a wild mix of sunny days and downpours, and temperatures gradually increasing. Now that warmer weather and summer sun is just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to start feeling light, fresh and energetic. No need to wait for June’s official start to summer; the time to start is now!

The United States is home to a wide range of vacation spots that offer plenty of things to do at reasonable prices. U.S. News, with the help of expert opinion and user votes, ranked the best value vacations America has to offer. Use this list to help pick your next affordable domestic destination.

If you suddenly woke up and could pick any age for yourself, would you go back to your 20s? Maybe your 30s or 40s? A recent survey of people in their 80s and above revealed the most desirable decade to be…drumroll please… their 50s. Selecting their fifties may surprise some people, but it really shouldn’t. When we hit our fifties we usually reach our sweet spot in three important areas that, if we are good stewards, can set us up for a great retirement.

Grandparents these days are taking an increased interest in traveling with their grandchildren, and these vacations offer the perfect opportunity for large chunks of quality time together. It’s also true that a lot of grandparents are on a budget, and travel the same way. Here is a list of five great places for grandparents to travel with their grandchildren, all while being budget (and fun) conscious.

Finding good jobs for seniors is a hot topic. Retirement historically has meant developing income streams from multiple sources. Until recently, that’s meant Social Security, income from retirement assets and a company-provided pension. In recent years, the pension part of that triad has faded into history, and many are making up the difference with some form of post-retirement employment or creating side jobs.

Whether it’s reconstructing a playground, visiting an elderly home, or clearing trash from a nearby creek, a community service project is an excellent way to bring about change on a small, intimate level. But before grabbing the work gloves, make sure that your project has a specific focus. Here are some ideas to help get the project started.

If you absolutely love spending time with your grandchildren but often find yourself running out of ideas that will keep them happy and occupied, then you've come to the right place! That's because we've listed a massive list of 50 great ideas below, that'll help your grandkids learn and grow in a very wonderful way!