Senior citizens, whether they are retired or still working, have many financial issues to tackle. It is important for senior citizens to budget for everyday living expenses as well as manage an investment portfolio that will provide them with enough to live on in the years ahead. They also need to minimize how much they pay to the government in taxes. A solid investment portfolio is more important than ever for senior citizens, because they will likely be living off their investments.

Making money isn’t easy, but it is simple. Whether you make $12 an hour or $60,000 a year, the concept of money doesn’t change, nor does how it is made. Humans, after all, play life with a different zero. Some of us play with more than others, giving us an opportunity to make more of it, but the rules of the game don’t change, only what is at stake.

Fortunately, saving no longer has to be purely an exercise in willpower –- good thing, since the world is never so full of temptations to spend as when you’re trying to salt more money away! With a few simple clicks of the mouse, it’s possible to take yourself almost completely out of the process. Try these three easy steps.

Dating may be expensive, but having a partner may actually save you money and make you more financially responsible along the way. So, whether you’re early in your relationship, moving in with your partner, or enjoying married life, here are some ways a relationship can help you with your finances.

Have you been overspending? Are you trying to save for a big purchase, or trying to pay down those debts quicker? Here is a list of the first ten things I think you should cut from your budget to reduce your monthly expenses.

If you are a senior or retired, be sure to understand and take advantage of the deductions available to reduce your income taxes each year. Here are some of the most important tax deductions.

You want to spruce up your place but need to be wise with your cash. How do you determine which home improvements will maximize the return on your investment? According to a recent Cost vs. Value report from, most home improvement projects will add some value to your home, but not all remodeling will increase your home’s value enough to recoup the entire cost of the improvement. You need to make a smart decision.