Winter isn't a time to just stay indoors and wait for spring. There's a whole wonderland of sports out there for the entire family — sledding, snowboarding, and skiing to mention a few. Plus, someone has to shovel the snow, right? Once outdoors, however, take precautions to keep your family safe. In ice and snow, accidents can occur easily, and before you know it you might be on your way to the emergency room. It's easy to keep safe — and stay fit — during the cold months. By following a few tips, you can have a great time, no matter how much white stuff piles up outside.

One of the major contributors to impaired mental function as we age is reduced blood flow to the brain. Not surprisingly, natural approaches designed to improve blood flow to the brain show significant promise in the prevention and treatment of mild cognitive impairment. A study conducted by Harvard researchers back in 2013 shows that drinking hot cocoa should definitely be added to this list.

Mexican food can include high amounts of saturated fat from cheese and refried beans as well as trans fat from the lard used to make beans and tortillas. However, if you choose nutritious alternatives, Mexican food has the potential to benefit your health. Knowing what foods provide these benefits will help you make the most nutritious choice the next time you head to a Mexican restaurant.

There are tons of cocoa powder uses you likely haven't heard of. Whether you're desperate to use up the box that's been sitting in your pantry for months or are just curious to see how else you can use cocoa powder, read on.

New Year's resolution devotees are quick to dive into a detox diet and declare themselves disciples of mindful meditation come January 1st, but what of the cozy space they call home? Conventional wisdom dictates that a clean and cared-for home begets success in all of life's spheres. If you're in pursuit of perfectly kept living quarters, test-drive the top 10 cleaning tips for the New Year straight from the pages of Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook.

There may be safety in numbers, but attending busy sporting events, concerts, and other large gatherings is not without risks. Protect yourself, your family, and your money when in a packed crowd. Here's how to prevent injury, avoid illness, deter pickpockets, and stick together.

If you have ever read anything about balancing your personal finances, you know that budgeting is the number one resource you need to implement into your life in order to keep your money on track. While many people start out with good intentions and a budget, too many end up ditching the concept when things do not work out as hoped. Just because there are difficulties doesn’t mean you should throw away your financial plans and do nothing. Here are 10 ways to help you balance your budget.