If you suddenly woke up and could pick any age for yourself, would you go back to your 20s? Maybe your 30s or 40s? A recent survey of people in their 80s and above revealed the most desirable decade to be…drumroll please… their 50s. Selecting their fifties may surprise some people, but it really shouldn’t. When we hit our fifties we usually reach our sweet spot in three important areas that, if we are good stewards, can set us up for a great retirement.

To live your best life, you should have large goals you want to tackle–such as visiting San Francisco and riding a cable car, or studying French in Paris–as well as simple pleasures you can enjoy at a moment’s notice. To help you with the latter, here are 75 simple pleasures to help you enjoy the little things.

Dating may be expensive, but having a partner may actually save you money and make you more financially responsible along the way. So, whether you’re early in your relationship, moving in with your partner, or enjoying married life, here are some ways a relationship can help you with your finances.

Have you been overspending? Are you trying to save for a big purchase, or trying to pay down those debts quicker? Here is a list of the first ten things I think you should cut from your budget to reduce your monthly expenses.

Grandparents these days are taking an increased interest in traveling with their grandchildren, and these vacations offer the perfect opportunity for large chunks of quality time together. It’s also true that a lot of grandparents are on a budget, and travel the same way. Here is a list of five great places for grandparents to travel with their grandchildren, all while being budget (and fun) conscious.

You, or someone you know, could become the victim of a growing crime in America — financial abuse of older Americans. Seniors are increasingly becoming targets for financial abuse. As people over 50 years old control over 70 percent of the nation's wealth, fraudsters are using new tactics to take advantage of retiring baby boomers and the growing number of older Americans. Senior financial abuse is estimated to have cost victims at least $2.9 billion last year alone.

Finding good jobs for seniors is a hot topic. Retirement historically has meant developing income streams from multiple sources. Until recently, that’s meant Social Security, income from retirement assets and a company-provided pension. In recent years, the pension part of that triad has faded into history, and many are making up the difference with some form of post-retirement employment or creating side jobs.