Aging affects a variety of health conditions and outcomes, including both chronic health conditions and the likelihood of on-the-job injury. However, the exact nature of these relationships has only recently been better understood, and it is quickly becoming clear that appropriate programs and support in the workplace, community, or at home can help workers live longer, more productive lives.

In most cases, the prospect of moving from one house to another is more overwhelming than it is exciting. Most likely an informal poll would show that very few people would say that there’s ever a truly ideal time of year to move. So, why not move in the winter? It’s cold, sure, but you’ll likely save some money. Here are some things you can do to make a winter move a little easier on everyone involved.

Dance classes are a great way to express your creativity, get exercise and meet new people. If you haven’t taken a dance class before, knowing which type you’d enjoy can be difficult. With so many different kinds, places and styles to choose from it is important to do your research.

Winter is a great season for outdoor activities, such as sledding and skating. Cold weather, ice, and snow can be fun but also dangerous for children. The following tips will help grandparents and children enjoy winter activities safely.

Fall and winter bring cold weather and, with it, a greater risk of house fires. The American Red Cross says home fires peak in December and January, which means it's not too late to brush up on fire prevention and safety. Fire safety is especially important for older adults, because people over 65 are injured or killed by fires at twice the rate of younger people, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Recycling is important when you think that it takes between 100 and 1000 years for plastic to decompose in the landfill. Plastic is also made from oil; the same oil that is in high demand to make gasoline. Recycling is something simple that can be done in your home and can generate income for your household. It is a win, win situation for the environment and you.

Got some time on your hands? This list of 50 great books is a good way to raise your literary IQ. It's by no means the "definitive" list, but each of these masterpieces is at least as relevant and powerful today as when it was written. And they're all still terrific reads.