You love that dipping sauce at your favorite fast food or steak restaurant, but you just can't afford to eat out so much! What if you had the secret recipe? Now you do!

Millions of people use Yelp across the country to search and share experiences at all kinds of restaurants — from food trucks to Michelin-starred restaurants, and more. With the help of the Yelp community, who contributed more than 25 million new reviews over the course of the past year, Yelp is thrilled to announce this year’s Top 100 Places to Eat.

As public awareness of food allergies increases, identification and management into adulthood can be difficult to sort out, carrying the risk of misdiagnosis, according to specialists who are trying to improve physician education.

When you work hard, it’s important to take a few breaks throughout the day. But let’s be honest: Is 10 minutes of scrolling through Facebook really a break? We’ve pulled together a list of better ways to take five, 10, or 15 at the office. Whether you want to rev your energy, do something productive, or just totally check out for a few, try these ideas for a well-spent break.

Staying young at heart while keeping your heart healthy can sometimes be a challenge for seniors. But these two things run hand-in-hand and can easily be fulfilled through exercise and sports. It’s best to keep physical abilities and medical conditions in mind when choosing a sport. Here are 12 sports that are a great match for seniors.

Before settling down in front of the fire for a long winter’s nap, there are a few important home maintenance chores that need to be taken care of first! From changing water filters to compiling a home inventory, our January home maintenance tasks focus on some often neglected areas that will really give your home a fresh start in this new year.

Everyone is into organizing their space here lately. Here are some basic guidelines that are helpful no matter what sized space or area of your home you are trying to tackle. Hopefully these steps will help to make the process a little less overwhelming for you. So pick a space that you are wanting to get organized and let’s get going!