When it comes to eating three meals a day, it’s so much easier to go out every once in a while for fast food or a sit-down meal rather than cook all the time. So what’s the better option, to cook or to go out? Let’s compare and choose the verdict.

You may not know that the side effects of certain medications, or taking more than 4 medicines at a time, can make you more at risk of falling. Learning to manage your medication well and understanding how they affect you are an important part of fall prevention.

Note to Mimi, Didi, Gigi, G-Ma and the rest of the gang who have swapped out your own pet names for Grandma: Being a grandparent is good for your health. So says Angela Sanford, M.D., assistant professor of geriatrics at Saint Louis University.

Do you joke around that you're a "terrible cook" while chowing down on yet another carton of Chinese food? Do you always say you should learn how to cook but just don't have the time? If you’ve never been taught, building a cooking habit can seem pretty daunting. The first step is to address your challenges head on and come up with rational solutions.

When you receive a prescription from your doctor, you may be uncertain how much of the cost will be covered by your insurance. You may wonder, “Can I afford this medication?” Sometimes the answer to this question may be hard to find. Understanding the insurance company terms can help you as you fill your prescriptions for your medications.

Planning to downsize? Or feeling overwhelmed with stuff in your small home? Living in a small space can pose a challenge, but with a few new ideas and a creative spirit, even the smallest living quarters can make a pretty fantastic home. Get every little thing in just the right spot with these tips from HGTV.

Do you love the taste of something sweet? Are you constantly wanting more? Even though we know sugar is not a nutritious choice, our body can frequently crave it. And often, it can be hard to resist the sugar cravings. Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Beth Romanski of My Healthy Transitions Health Coaching explains seven surprising sugar craving causes in your diet and lifestyle that you can identify and control. Here is list of some surprising sugar craving causes.