Coping with heat and humidity

We are entering the hot and humid summer. As we age, we must be careful because our bodies no longer have the same reserve they once did, especially when we mix heat, humidity and exercise.

Save time and money couponing

Couponing is more popular and more necessary than ever. You might think the couponing is too time-consuming, but you would be surprised. If you use these strategies, you could save a minimum of 15% off the average monthly grocery bill, and the time it takes is minimal.

Cool golfing tips

We love golf, and we love summer, but we don't love the heat when we want to play a full round of golf. A few tips may seem obvious, but staying hydrated and using these tricks to stay cool will make your time on the links more enjoyable and safer, and may even improve your game! Here are some tips to help keep you cool on the course.

Senate Republicans unveiled their version of a replacement bill for the Affordable Care Act this week.

While it was not materially that different from the House version passed earlier this year, there are still several key points for insurers to understand if it becomes law. Ben Isgur,  leader of PwC's Health Research Institute, says it starts with the viability of the online insurance exchanges that served as the backbone for expanding coverage in the individual market.

"The big change for payers is that the current language has more money in to shore up the insurance exchanges," Isgur says. That amount comes to about $50 billion through 2020. However, he warns, "we have to see where this legislative language truly ends up."

That's because insurers could take two paths with that funding. On one hand, "Insurers could look at these next few years as continuing to shore up the exchanges and provide insurance in these counties," Isgur explains. But, he adds. "It could continue to be a 'wait and see.' There’s still uncertainty about how carriers are going to participate in Medicaid and what their businesses are going to look like."

 Most seniors these days are living on limited incomes from sources that may include Social Security, a small pension or maybe some other form of government assistance. With few resources at their disposal, finding services for free or discounted prices is vital. There are likely many of these types of services available through your local Office for the Aging (the name of this government agency may be different in your local area, i.e. Division of Senior Services) or local charities such as Lions Club or Meals-on-Wheels, or on the Internet through sites like 

25 Fun Things To Do

Baby boomers have unique, fun things to do in 2017.

During retirement each day presents a new opportunity to try something new. In fact, each day allows for the freedom of choice and allows the retiree to explore new things as a well-deserved reward for all of the hard work accomplished after years of employment. However, for some retirees it can be quite a challenge to keep things interesting and exciting during those long periods of time every day. What are you doing with your time? This article may inspire you!

Grandparents with stroller

Tips for bonding with your new grandchild

One of the new trends in parenting is what some call a "babymoon," similar to a honeymoon but a time of intense bonding between parents and newborn. Often grandparents aren't welcome during the babymoon, which can be excruciating for those grandparents who are also eager to bond with their grandchild. But loving grandparents will find a way to bond with baby, in spite of obstacles.