We’re living longer than ever before, and doing so in better health. So what can you do when you retire and want to keep your mind sharp or need to gain additional skills to stay competitive at work? For many, the answer is to go back to school, but tuition can be prohibitively expensive. At the same time, schools want their classrooms to be full of engaged students, regardless of age. In the interest of continuing education, many colleges and universities offer reduced or free college tuition to adults aged 60 and up.

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Some phone calls and emails are important, some can be annoying, and others are just plain illegal. Learn how to reduce the number of unwanted messages you get by phone and online.

Your grandchildren have tried to show you how to use Facebook three times and you can never remember how to log in. You love Sinatra, but when your grandchild sends links to historic clips, you can't open them. You desperately need to learn to text so you won't interrupt your daughter's workday with calls. Why is it so difficult to teach older adults how to use the Internet, cell phones, and other technology?

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If your hand routinely shakes when you hold a drink, sign your name or tap a number into your cellphone, you may fear that you're experiencing signs of Parkinson's disease. However, what you're more likely to have is essential tremor, a common neurological condition that causes an involuntary, rhythmic trembling of the hands during movement but can also affect the head, voice or legs. While it's often confused with Parkinson's, essential tremor is eight times more common and affects an estimated 10 million people in the U.S., according to the International Essential Tremor Foundation.

Relaxation, fitness, family fun, delicious food—sounds like a dream vacation at an all-inclusive resort. Believe it or not, though, this can all be found in a simple backyard garden in spring, summer and fall. Gardening supplies a total-body workout, allows us to reap what we've sowed, and provides an opportunity to reconnect with nature and our loved ones. So grab a shovel and get out there!

For retirees who are relieved their Social Security benefits are getting a slight boost next year, the celebration shouldn't start quite yet. The extra money could get eaten up by Medicare premiums for about 70 percent of retirees, according to The Senior Citizens League.


Fishing is a rewarding sport that can be exciting and relaxing at the same time. It is also a wonderful and often overlooked way for anyone to burn calories while having fun in the outdoors. Many people assume fishing just means sitting around in a boat or on the bank waiting for a bobber to go under, but it can be so much more than that. In reality, there are many types of fishing that challenge you both physically and mentally.