Adults in their 30s and 40s may have championed the tiny house movement, but a new demographic is reaping serious benefits from living small. It turns out that micro-sized homes offer seniors an appealing alternative to expensive assisted living.

Multigenerational travel is a huge trend for the foreseeable future. Now, more than ever, families realize the value of meaningful time together in a setting that offers a wealth of quality activities. The key? Planning for larger family groups requires attention to features and facets that make a property well suited for multiple ages. 

While exercise should be a part of everyone's life no matter what age, we need to ensure that the exercises we engage in are appropriate to our age and general health. If designed appropriately, a weight training program for seniors can offer benefits that enhance a person's overall quality of life.

Criminals intent on robbing people's homes often see seniors as easy prey. Here are some basic steps you can implement to reduce the chances of being victimized.

If you think about it, the people who really need financial advisors are the ones who can’t afford them. If you’re impoverished or firmly in the middle class and can’t seem to make it to the next level, you’re the one who could really use financial advice. If you’re wealthy, you know what you’re doing.

Having life ambitions and setting goals are not only the domain of the young. Goal-setting in later life can have many beneficial impacts. Read about the value of setting goals for seniors and the smart and beneficial way to look at how and why it's never too late to aim high.

Will 2018 be the year you finally retire and say goodbye to your job forever? If so, the next few months will come and go faster than you think. Use that time to do these 10 things, which will help ensure a smooth transition out of the workforce.