Sewing is a wonderful hobby and enjoyable pastime, but did you know that there are actually many health benefits to sewing? Read this article to learn more about why you should sew for your mental and physical health as well as your overall happiness.

Today's grandparents are more actively involved than ever as childcare providers, weekend hosts, live-in family members, and visiting playmates. Find some fun ideas for outings and activities to enjoy with your grandchildren next time you're together.

If you’re suffering from a serious financial setback, don’t worry – you’re not alone and there is a solution. Regardless of what caused your financial setback, your path to recovery and prosperity will require a common set of action steps. You may believe your situation is unique, but many have walked this path before you. The road to financial recovery is well-worn, and the steps to come back after financial disaster are fully proven.

Memories have a lifespan — at least when it comes to those captured on the dying medium known as VHS, aka Video Home System. The format was never intended to last forever and degrades over time. However, if your precious home videos have managed to survive thus far, you may want to salvage the footage before time takes its toll. Converting well-worn videos can be done on a modest budget with a few basic tools.

While there’s always a time and place for paperback or hardcover books, e-readers have stolen the limelight with their fast downloads and ability to store thousands of titles in a slim package. Whether you’re looking for the latest James Patterson thriller, a romance novel or an autobiography of your favorite star, there’s no better way to store everything than with an e-reader. With large fonts and simplified menus, seniors will love the lengthy battery life and ease-of-use.

Everyone needs a break from the real world - a chance to kick back, relax and step away from the stressors in life. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or funds to get away, making mandatory vacations seem completely out of reach. Although you can't leave your home, that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't wind down and take some time to enjoy yourself. Why not try a staycation? Essentially, a staycation is a stay-at-home-vacation, according to Forbes contributor Steve Odland.

Florida isn't the only place to retire. The renowned Forbes magazine spotlights 25 cities in 18 different states across the country.