It’s a common misconception that Airbnb is only for millennials. In fact, Airbnb announced that over 60s are their fastest growing age group, both as hosts and guests. There are now over 400,000 “senior” hosts on Airbnb worldwide, and the number of over 60s who have booked as guests grew by 66 percent in the last year. What’s becoming clear is that Airbnb is helping to redefine retirement by providing new ways to earn extra income, overcome loneliness and isolation, and travel the world in a truly local and authentic way.

Grandkids are absolute treasures, and one of the biggest pleasures in life, but they can entail some tough work. We totally cherish it when they come over and the chance to spend precious time with them – less so all the cleaning that needs to be done before, during and after their visits. Here’s how to have maximum fun with minimum clean up!

Keeping your home warm in the winter shouldn't leave you broke. Use these tips to prepare for winter and save on heating costs.

Moving is stressful at any age.  As a matter of fact, it is ranked 3rd on the list of life stressors, after death and divorce. So it's not surprising that many empty-nesters who might otherwise consider downsizing and moving would feel overwhelmed by the prospect.  While they would really like to move to something more manageable, they don't know where to begin. Their biggest worry is "what am I going to do with all my stuff?"

If you've been sweating it out on a regular basis and the scale has barely budged—or worse, it spiked—you can likely blame an imbalance of two key weight-loss players: calories in (how much you eat) and calories burned (how much you worked off). Luckily, a few quick tweaks are all you need to make sure your workouts are helping—not hurting—your pound-shedding efforts.

Believe it or not, having life adventures is not in the exclusive realm of eccentric billionaires and jet-setting entrepreneurs. Life adventures don’t even require a lot of time, so you don’t need to quit your job or cash in sick days. Having adventures is more about attitude and a skill rather than resources.

Got cabin fever? You're not alone. Being stuck indoors all winter will make anyone antsy. Instead of going stir crazy when you can't go out sledding, try these fun things to do with kids in winter.