Senior citizens, whether they are retired or still working, have many financial issues to tackle. It is important for senior citizens to budget for everyday living expenses as well as manage an investment portfolio that will provide them with enough to live on in the years ahead. They also need to minimize how much they pay to the government in taxes. A solid investment portfolio is more important than ever for senior citizens, because they will likely be living off their investments.

Here are some tips for a healthy, long-lasting relationship from people who are in a long relationship.

Making money isn’t easy, but it is simple. Whether you make $12 an hour or $60,000 a year, the concept of money doesn’t change, nor does how it is made. Humans, after all, play life with a different zero. Some of us play with more than others, giving us an opportunity to make more of it, but the rules of the game don’t change, only what is at stake.

Spring is in full force with flowers blooming, erratic weather patterns offering a wild mix of sunny days and downpours, and temperatures gradually increasing. Now that warmer weather and summer sun is just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to start feeling light, fresh and energetic. No need to wait for June’s official start to summer; the time to start is now!

The United States is home to a wide range of vacation spots that offer plenty of things to do at reasonable prices. U.S. News, with the help of expert opinion and user votes, ranked the best value vacations America has to offer. Use this list to help pick your next affordable domestic destination.

Fortunately, saving no longer has to be purely an exercise in willpower –- good thing, since the world is never so full of temptations to spend as when you’re trying to salt more money away! With a few simple clicks of the mouse, it’s possible to take yourself almost completely out of the process. Try these three easy steps.

Whether you’re putting together a company retreat or just trying to build team morale in the office, team building exercises are an efficient way to bring groups of people together. Team building exercises help reinforce the concepts of teamwork, communication and problem solving, as well as helping people who aren’t familiar with each other interact and get to know more about one another.